At Hue Loco, the majority of our business is conducted online, allowing us to dedicate more time and effort to our dye studio so we can always be bringing you our best. While this online system works wonderfully for us, we understand that in the tactile world of yarn, the feel of the product is paramount. We want our customers to be confident when purchasing our fiber online, and to achieve that, we're introducing a new blog series called "All About That Base!"

Every Tuesday, we'll release a new installment of this informative series, focusing on one of our twelve bases. These blog posts will expand on upon our Base Info page and provide detailed information about the fiber content, how the base feels and behaves, its best qualities, recommended projects and techniques, and much more!



Next week, we'll kick off this series by diving into the details of our Merino Sock base. But before that, here are some useful basics to get you started!

  • The Merino used in our yarns is sourced from mulesing-free farms
  • With the exception of our Mohair and Suri bases, all our bases are superwash. This means they have been treated to be machine washable without the risk of felting. Here is how we recommend taking care of your knits:
    • We always recommend hand washing your hand-knit items whenever possible.
    • If machine washing is necessary, place your items in a mesh wash bag to prevent stretching and always use a delicate setting with cold water.
    • After washing, lay your items flat to air dry, ensuring they retain their shape and quality.


If you are looking for a specific base, click below to head directly to that All About That Base page!


If you simply need to squish that yarn before purchasing, we totally get it! Here is a list of our stockists where you can fondle some Hue Loco in person. 

By providing you with in-depth knowledge about our bases, we hope to empower you to make informed choices and create with confidence.

Merino Sock and I will see you next week!


May 30, 2023 — Sarah P
Tags: resources

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