Below you will find all the updates regarding our preordered collections!


Speakeasy Collection (8 week processing window)

January 5th - collection preorders open

February 4th - collection preorders close

February 8th - in the studio dyeing


Coffeehouse Collection (6 week processing window)

October 27th - collection preorders open

November 14th - in the studio dyeing 

November 17th - winding & labeling

December 5th - shipping has commenced

December 14th - shipping complete!


Scenic Route Collection (8 week processing window)

September 15th - collection preorders open 

October 13th - in the studio dyeing

October 24th - winding & labeling 

November 10th - shipping has commenced 

November 16th - shipping complete!


Farmer's Market Collection (10 week processing window)

June 16th - collection preorders open

July 7th - in the studio dyeing

July 25th - winding & labeling

August 1st - shipping has commenced

August 25th - shipping complete!


At The Disco Collection (8 week processing window)

April 28th - at the disco collection preorders open

May 31st - in the studio dyeing

June 6th - winding & labeling

June 9th - shipping complete!