Hello friends and welcome back to All About That Base! Last week we discussed our Merino Sock base and today we will introduce you to another one of our sock weight superstars, Phyllis Sock


Nicole here! Before we get into the fundamentals of Phyllis Sock, I'd love to share a heartwarming story with all of you!

At 29 years old I began dabbling in dyeing yarn in my kitchen for fun (cue my 'how to dye' videos on youtube). I was a stay home mom to my three little boys, so I didn't have a outside financial stream of income to support expanding this hobby into a little business.

Throughout my life my grandmother gifted me savings bonds on my birthdays and holidays. At 18 I cashed the majority of the bonds to help with college tuition but, for no reason at all, decided to hold onto the few oldest, most valuable bonds. The remaining bonds amounted to about $2,000 dollars. I took that money and slowly played the buy & sell game to build up some cashflow for Hue Loco and started an etsy store. The rest is pretty much history! It brings me so much joy to know that the very foundation of Hue Loco (my dream) was built upon a grandmother's love - so many tears. I love you grandma Phyllis, always. 


Phyllis Sock Fundamentals:

  • Blend: 75% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon
  • Weight: Fingering or Sock
  • Structure: 4-ply
  • Yardage: 460 yards per 100 gram skein
  • Recommended Needle Size: US 1-3, 27-32 stitches per 4"
  • Recommended Hook Size: B-E, 21-32 stitches per 4”
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash cold, dry flat
  • Available In: 100g and 20g skeins & 100g, 50g, and 20g sets


Phyllis Sock pictured in Dirty Talk and Emerald


Phyllis Sock, the second of our fingering weight bases, is the perfect balance balance strength and sophistication. With its smooth 4-ply twist, this yarn is a joy to work with and can be the headliner of any project or can be easily combined with other yarns to bring your wildest fiber dreams to life. Offering an impressive 460 yards per 100g skein, Phyllis Sock provides unbeatable yardage for your projects.




When we talk about Phyllis Sock, we can’t do it without mentioning the two qualities that really stand out; its durability and drape! With a 25% nylon content and tightly spun 4-ply structure, this yarn is ideal for hard-wearing knits like socks, gloves, children’s garments, and those knits that you reach for day after day. Alongside the strength, the drape of Phyllis Sock means that your shawls, scarves, and sweaters will move and hang like a work of art.


Find The Path Shawl by Serena Castellanos knit in SprucePear, and Chinchilly
photo courtesy of Ravelry user texanjenn


Phyllis Sock is always in stock, available in our semisolid and speckled colorways, as well as sets. It is dyed as part of all our collections and monthly one-pot sock sets and mini bundles. 


While you cannot go wrong using this base in any of your projects, we have put together a few patterns that Phyllis would be especially perfect for. As always, if you are looking for more ideas we have plenty waiting for you in our Ravelry Bundles!


1) Find The Path Shawl by Serena Castellanos, photo courtesy of Ravelry user Aphelion-Crafts
2) DRK Everyday Socks by Andrea Mowry, photo courtesy of the designer
3) Orchid Cowl by Jo Strong, photo courtesy of Ravelry user UniKati
4) Le Pouf Sweater by Beata Jezek, photo courtesy of Ravelry user SarahKnitWit


Note Worthy: 

  • The Nylon content of Phyllis sock not only makes this yarn particularly durable, but enhances its superwash qualities. Phyllis does well when washed in a mesh bag in the washing machine in cold water and laid flat to dry. 
  • The overall look of Phyllis is soft with lovely drape

Thank you for joining us today on All About That Base! We'll be back next week to delve into the luxurious world of Spun Sock XL. Stay tuned!
June 15, 2023 — Sarah P
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