ROYGBIV Or Bust Classics Set

Enjoy this classic sampler of our in-stock semisolids in mini or 50 form! All we will have for the season is stocked!!

new in-stock semisolid


We're welcoming a new in-stock Semisolid to the line up! Semisweet is now available across all bases! We hope you love this rich, warm brown!

One Pot Sock Sets!

We're bringing you some one pot sock sets as part of this week's update! There are 6 sets of each, available only in Merino Sock. When they're gone, they're gone!

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As an alternate to shopping through our drop down menu, you can also view all of the speckled & semisolid colorways we offer here. It's an easier way to compare and contrast for the best match!

The reels are divided into warm, cool & neutral