Halloween is here, y'all! You know what that means, pumpkins are appearing on doorsteps, candy corn is back on the shelves, and we at Hue Loco have some excellent Halloween surprises in store!

If you have been following Hue Loco for a little while, you will recognize these hair-raising colorways! Our Hocus Pocus 2 Collection was so well received last year that we just had to bring it back for another witchy season. 




The Hocus Pocus movies hold a special, spooky place in our hearts and we couldn't resist creating a collection inspired by the Sanderson Sisters and their epic revenge mission!

But would it be a Hue Loco Collection if Mallory over at Nautikrall Crochet didn't create something stunning with it? This time Mallory used her free Hygge Burst Blanket pattern with a full set of Hocus Pocus 2 on DK and the result is so cozy, moody, and magical! We cannot get enough of how these colorways really pop against that black background. 



Anything made with this collection will be totally magical, but we pulled together just a few patterns we think would be extra spine-tingling!


Knitting Patterns

 1) I'm Batty for Halloween by Stone Knitsphoto courtesy of the designer
2) Papa Spooky Cowl (free) by Shauna Caffreyphoto courtesy of Ravelry user  AlionaNova
3) Betwixt Shawl by Ambah O'Brien, photo courtesy of Ravelry user nalaundi
4) 100% That Witch (free) by Brittany Westmorlandphoto courtesy of the designer


Crochet Patterns 

1) Autumn Winds Cowl (free) by Tatsiana Kupryianchykphoto courtesy of the designer
2) Creepy Crawly Spider Sock by Briana K Designsphoto courtesy of the designer
3) Who's There? Sweater by Lindsey Muscarellaphoto courtesy of the designer
4) Halloweb by Amanda Mannasphoto courtesy of the designer


Hocus Pocus 2 is a highly variegated, textured collection and we know that it can be challenging to incorporate those skeins into larger projects, especially if there is colorwork like a few of the patterns above! When you pair skeins these speckled skeins with the perfect semisolids, the options truly become endless!

Here are just a few examples of how the colorways from this collection play with our in-stock semisolids to create dynamic, versatile, and wearable palettes. 


Sarah paired with Fuchsia, Grapefruit, Jewel, Cherry, and Sangria


Thackery Binx paired with Agate, Caper, Chartreuse, Cracked Pepper, and Mulberry


 Winifred Paired with Poppy, Currant, Plum, Ochre, and Chartreuse


Black Flame Candle paired with Cobalt, Cerulean, Turquoise, Pumpkin, and Semisweet


You know we couldn't leave you to whip up all of your sensational Halloween makes without a soundtrack!

Take a listen to our Halloween Playlist for a mix of classic Halloween tunes and songs with moody, mysterious vibes that will get you dancing with the skeletons!



Until the next scare!



September 29, 2023 — Sarah P

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