We love what we do at Hue Loco, it is such a gift that we get to play with color, dye yarn, and call it our job! And what makes it even better is the supportive community that has grown around us. There is no better reward than hearing from you and seeing the amazing things you whip up stitch-by-stitch with your Hue Loco yarn. 

One way that we are bringing all of this content and community to you is with our customer reviews! This is a feature that allows customers to leave honest, unedited reviews for their verified purchases, share images of their Hue Loco FO’s, and allow other customers to see what people think of our products before purchasing!

We are going to show you all of the various ways you can engage with customer reviews on our website, how you can leave reviews for purchases you have made, and the perks you get for doing so!


How To View Our Reviews


From our home page, you can access this feature in two ways! In the lower left hand corner of the page, a small pop up appears every few seconds showing off a customer review and an image of their gorgeous handmades!



If you love what you see, you can click on the pop-up and see the review in greater detail, there will also be a link to the product they used if you need to get your hands on some for yourself!



From the home screen, if you click on the green tab on the right-hand side of the screen that reads “Reviews” you will be taken to a page that displays all of our customer reviews, starting with the most recent. You can click through any of these to read more, get a closer look at the images, or get to the listings for those items used!



If you already have some yarn you are dreaming about, you can see all the reviews for that product gathered in one place! Whether it’s a semisolid or speckled colorway, a sock set, or part of our Starsign Collection, simply select the appropriate category from the menu at the top of the page, select your desired colorway, and all of the relevant customer reviews will be right there for you. 



How To Leave a Review


So you have recently purchased something from Hue Loco and want to share your thoughts and some photos of what you did with it? Awesome, let's look at how! 


First of all, it is important to make sure that you are signed in whenever you make a purchase from us, this way we will have an updated email address to send a confirmation email, and later a review request; and we will be able to award you any loyalty points you may have earned. 


After completing a purchase, you will recieve an email, when you click "Write a review" you will be taken to a page to answer a series of questions!

Once you have completed all of the questions and submitted your answers, you are done! Your review will now be posted for other customers to read and admire. If you had multiple items in your order, you will be given the option to leave reviews for those items as well.


After you submit your review, you will get a clickable link that you can share with anyone you think might enjoy Hue Loco. If they use the link you send on their first purchase they will get 10% off! Talk about spreading the love!


Now lets get to the good stuff! We know that it takes time and thought to review your items. We are immensely grateful each time you do so and love to give you a little something back, so here is what you can expect as a reward for leaving your thoughtful feedback: 

  • If you leave us a photo/video review you will receive 250 loyalty points PLUS a unique 10% off coupon code that you can use on a future purchase! (expires in 60 days)


Please note that images and videos must be of a work-in-progress or a finished object, images of skeins as they were shipped are ineligible for this discount. We work hard to create listing images that accurately represent our products and would much rather see what you have dreamed up! 


Things to consider:

  • Always make sure you are signed in when making a purchase, this will assure that you get confirmations, shipping updates, and review requests.
  • When photographing your makes to share, we always recommend natural light and a clean background to really make them pop!
  • Review requests do not expire, so don't worry if you need some time to use your yarn. As long as you keep the request email, you will be able to leave your review whenever you want!


 Thank you so much for loving Hue Loco, we can't wait to hear what you think!





October 06, 2023 — Sarah P
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