September is here and as far as we are concerned, that means that Summer is nearly over and crisp, crunchy Autumn is on the way. If you have been with Hue Loco for a while, you know what that means! It’s Fall Palette time y’all!


Fall Palette 2023 on Merino Sock 


If you're new to the Fall Palette, let's dive into what it's all about. Over five weeks, we unveil ten fresh colorways and accompanying sets that become part of our in-stock collection for the entire upcoming year. These skeins and sets remain in stock and available for the entire upcoming year when we phase them out to make way for the next exciting palette! 

We're already six colorways deep into our gorgeous, wardrobe friendly 2023 Fall Palette, so let's take a closer look at what the Fall Palette has to offer! 

Each weekly launch starts with two complementary colorways that go together like peanut butter and jelly. 


Daydream & Wishing Well on Merino Sock


Using these two colorways, we create additional minis that come together into a gorgeous 10 skein mini set that ties these two colorways together seamlessly!


From L to R: Daydream on Merino Sock & Mohair, Wishing Well & Daydream Mini Set on Merino Sock, Wishing Well on Merino Sock and Mohair


These mini sets yield two distinct 50g sets, one for each colorway. They can stand alone as stunning fades or combine for projects demanding more yardage.


Wishing Well 50s Set & Daydream 50s Set on Merino Sock


And if these set and full skein options weren’t enough, we went ahead and created a sock set for each color too! These sets pair a Fall Palette colorway with two of our in-stock semisolids and are perfect for socks, small shawls, and any other small projects that you can dream up!


Daydream Sock Set & Wishing Well Sock Set on Phyllis Sock


One of the most beautiful things about these colorways and sets are the myriad of ways they can be combined, mixed, and matched to make your handmade dreams a reality! 


Each Fall Palette colorway is matched up with 5 in-stock semisolid colorways that coordinate and compliment that colorway to its best advantage. 


Wishing Well with Grapefruit, Plum, Pumpkin, Vineyard, Sangria (L), Daydream with Elm, Agate, Cobalt, Mauve, Caper (R)


We encourage everyone to use these semisolid coordinate suggestions as a jumping off point and play! Mix-and-match the coordinates and different sets from Fall Palette companion colors to create a palette that is fresh and entirely yours! 


Daydream & Wishing Well with Caper, Agate, & Grapefruit (Top L), Daydream & Wishing Well with Vineyard, Mauve, & Plum (Top R) , Daydream & Wishing Well with Cobalt, Elm, & Sangria (Bottom)



    Daydream Sock Set on Merino Sock (Top L), Wishing Well 50g Set on Merino Sock (Top R) , Daydream Coordinates (Cobalt, Elm, Mauve, Caper, Agate) on assorted bases (Bottom)


    You can shop the first six colorways and sets belonging to our 2023 Fall Palette, Emerald FieldsMagpieWishing WellDaydream, Mirage, and Gold Leaf here! And make sure to check out the last four, rich, versatile colors coming your way over the next two weeks!


    Note Worthy:

    • Each Fall Palette colorway is marked with a zip tie so you can easily identify them within the sets!
    • When it comes time to release the next Fall Palette, we may retain some of last years palette to remain as an in-stock colorway! 


    September 05, 2023 — Sarah P
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