As we bid adieu to the old and welcome the promise of a new year, we are stepping back in time to an era filled with allure, mystery, and celebration. The Prohibition Era, with its clandestine hideaways, jazz-filled nights, and inventive cocktails serves as the inspiration for our newest collection, Speakeasy.



Until Speakeasy launches on Friday, January 5th at 8am MST, there's no better way to bring the vintage glamor of the Speakeasy to our modern world than with a good cocktail. 


Bar Cart Staples 


You don’t need to have a fully stocked bar to make some amazing drinks at home, if you have a glass, some ice, and a set of measuring spoons, you're in business! However, if you are wanting to invest in your home setup you might find that there are a few things that make the process just a little bit smoother! 

1) Jigger: These handy measuring cups let you craft your cocktails with precision! This OXO Steel Double Jigger is double sided and has six useful measurements from .25 to 1.5 oz!

2) Shaker: A true staple, shakers are essential for making sure your creations are shaken and chilled to perfection. This OXO Steel Single Wall Cocktail Shaker is durable, easy to open, and even comes with a built in jigger and strainer!

3) Strainer: If you are using a shaker or a mixing glass, this OXO Cocktail Strainer is perfect for pouring your drink without any unwanted ice or other additions. 

4) Citrus Squeezer: Perhaps the most used tool on this list, this simple Citrus Squeezer makes getting fresh citrus juice for your creations a breeze. 


Let’s get to the good stuff, the drinks! We have pulled together recipes for just a few of the elegant cocktails that inspired this moody, luxurious palette! 

From an Old Fashioned to an alcohol-free Jack Rose, these libations are sure to transport you back in time to the dark, glittering lounges of this bygone era.

1) Aviation


Created in the early 20th Century in New York City, this cocktail gets its delicate purple hue and floral flavor from the addition of Crème de Violette. With bright lemon juice, fruity marachino liquor, and a botanical gin, the Aviation is like walking through a lush garden in the moonlight. 


2) Old Fashioned


Simple and timeless, the Old Fashioned first emerged on the scene in the 1700s as a simple drink made from whiskey and bitters. The modern day Old Fashioned is made by combining your favorite whiskey (though bourbon is the traditional choice), sugar, angostura bitter, a splash of water, and peel of orange. 


3) Bee's Knees


Though the details of its origins are unclear, the Bee's Knees came into existence in the early 1900's when bathtub gin was all the rage! A combination of gin, fresh lemon juice, and honey topped with a lemon twist, you cannot beat a Bee's Knees for sweetness and tang. 


4) Sloe Gin Fizz


Sloes are small English wild berries that, when infused with gin, give the liquor a tart richness and a bright orange-pink tint and create what we call Sloe Gin. When combined with lemon and some club soda for sparkle, the resulting Sloe Gin Fizz is a light, fruity, effervescent cocktail that will make you float a few inches off the ground.


5) Virgin Jack Rose

The boozy version of the Jack Rose hails from New York or New Jersey at the turn of the 20th century and uses apple brandy for its deep and fruity base. This non-alcoholic version uses a high quality apple cider instead and combines it with grenadine and fresh lemon juice for a well balanced and warming zero-proof cocktail!


For the perfect soundtrack to sip to, simply click here to enjoy our curated Speakeasy playlist! These songs are sure to be the perfect garnish for your celebration or quiet evening in. 



Speakeasy opens for preorder next Friday, January 5th! We will see you then for your first glimpse into this lush collection and a selection of patterns that are a perfect match for the graphic lines and deep color palette of the era!



December 29, 2023 — Sarah P
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