Coffee shops are more than the places we go to grab our morning caffeine fixes and seasonal specials. They are spaces where you always feel comfortable and welcomed, you can go to get some work done with a pastry by your side, and where people gather to catch up with friends or create community! 
At your favorite coffee place, the hustle and bustle slows down and you can simply sit and enjoy! Our next collection is all about harnessing those feelings of warmth, peace, and community that accompany your latte at your favorite cafe. The Coffeehouse Collection launches Friday, October 27th! You won't want to miss this toasty palette!

What We Use

I spent a few years working as a barista learning the ins and outs of what makes a cup of coffee or espresso drink excellent! There is so much that goes into producing drinks at a coffee shop with the library of specialty equipment and unique ingredients but during this time I also learned some tips and things you can use to make drinks at home that can hold their own against your cafe favorites. 

With a few simple tools, ingredients, and a little bit of time, you can absolutely make a banging latte or London fog at home! That is why today we are bringing you a list of a few of the things we use to make that perfect morning beverage and bring all of the ambiance and indulgence of a coffeehouse to our kitchens! 


1) The Elitapro Double Whisk Milk Frother


For the home barista, this milk frother is the perfect substitution for a milk steamer! Simply heat your milk of choice in a microwave or on your stovetop, place the head of the frother near (but not touching) the bottom of your vessel and froth to your hearts content! If you are making a latte, a layer of foam about 1/2" deep is perfect or you can keep going until you have equal parts foam and warm milk for a cappuccino Now just gently pour over your espresso and enjoy!  

2) The Bialetti Moka Express


This Italian stovetop boiler is a great way to make strong, dark espresso at home.  Compatible with electric and gas stoves, you simply fill the bottom of the Moka Express with water, fill the center chamber with a medium-fine ground coffee (the right grind will feel gritty between your fingers, not quite powdery), and place over a low to medium heat until all of the water has passed through the ground coffee into the top chamber! This flavorful coffee is perfect for lattes, cappuccinos, cortados, americanos, and more!


3) A Good Instant Espresso


For those who want a great espresso drink at home but would rather skip the stovetop, there are some excellent instant espresso powders out there that deliver all of the flavor and impact without the special equipment! Blue Bottle's Craft Instant Espresso just needs to be mixed with water or your milk of choice to transform into a variety of hot or iced drinks! We also love the classic Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso Coffee for it's excellent flavor and convenience at a lower price point! Pro tip: If you are baking anything with chocolate (brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cakes, etc.) include a little espresso powder in the recipe to amp up the chocolatey-ness!


4) A Pour-Over and Gooseneck Kettle  


If you love a simple, clean cup of black coffee, a pour-over is for you! Pour-over coffee is made by slowly and intentionally pouring boiling water over medium-ground coffee. This process usually takes about 3-4 minutes of active pouring and extraction and yields a clear, light cup of coffee that really lets the flavors of the beans shine. To make a great cup of coffee with this method, you will need a pour-over like the Kalita Wave, paper filters to fit whatever pour-over you choose, and a gooseneck kettle like the Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Kettle. This style of kettle assures even and controlled water distribution, and since it's electric it will get your water hot, fast! 

If you want to learn how to make a great pour-over at home make sure to check out the blog next week! We will have a tutorial as well as a few other great recipes you won't want to miss!


5) Digital Scale


For things that require precise measurements of coffee and water as well as precise timing, a scale like this one from Greater Goods with a timer and super precise readout will be a lifesaver! Your scale will help you make sure you add the right amount of water at the right time for maximum deliciousness! 


6) Some Excellent Tea 


Your cup of tea is only as good as what you're steeping! There are tons of great tea companies out there with a focus on sustainability and fair trade, and Big Heart Tea Company is one of our favorites! The Edith Grey blend is a staple and all of their teas come bagged or loose so you can choose what works best for your routine!


 7) Tea Ball Infuser


If you prefer loose leaf teas over bagged, this infuser is the perfect way to brew individual cups of your favorite blends! Just fill the ball halfway, place into a mug of heated water, and steep away! 


8) A Classic Teapot


Can't go wrong with a good teapot! This one from Falcon Enamelware holds two large cups worth, comes in a variety of lovely colors, and keeps its contents warm for surprisingly long time!


9) A Spill-Proof Travel Mug


You have your luxurious drink and are ready to hit to road! This travel mug from Fellow has pretty much everything you want. It will keep its contents hot for 12 hours and cold for 24, it won't leak, it will fit into your cupholders, and it comes with a spill guard that, when placed in the top of the cup, prevents the contents from splashing when you're taking a sip on the go! 


10) A Heated Mug


It is always a bit of a bummer to take a sip of your coffee or tea only to find completely cold. This Ember Mug will keep its contents warm for hours and is controlled by an app that allows you to set your desired temperature! If you are a notorious beverage forgetter or work from home, this mug might be a life changer! 



Now that we have gone over some things we love using as part of our morning rituals, we want to hear from you! Tell us in the comments all about the things you depend on while making your morning pick-me-up!



You know we wouldn't leave you without some tunes to listen to while enjoying your homemade creations! This playlist will take you straight to the coziest cafe with the smell of fresh coffee and the sound of the bell on the front door included. 

You can scan the QR code above on your smartphone or click this link to listen!


October 13, 2023 — Sarah P
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