In our previous post from last Friday, we delved into our selection of sets, ranging from minis to full skeins. Today we are going to take a closer look at one of those curated offerings and a few of the excellent things you can do with it!

As summer winds down each year, we unveil our highly anticipated Fall Palette! Over five weeks, we release ten entirely new colorways and a variety of sets created by our team, all of which become part of our in-stock collection until the following year. Keep an eye out for our 2023 Fall Palette, with the first two colorways launching on August 4th!

Each new colorway is paired with a set of four 50g skeins inspired by the central color. These sets can feature a fade, high contrast, or complementary scheme, but no matter the palette, you'll receive one 50g skein of the central colorway and three 50g skeins carefully created to show it off to its best advantage!


From L to R: (4) With A Twist 50s Set on Single Sock, (4) Heat Wave 50s Set on  Merino Sock, (4) Mood Ring 50s Set on Phyllis Sock


These sets are available on our Merino Sock, Phyllis Sock, Single Sock, and DK bases, providing yardage equivalent to two full skeins.

The yardage in these sets for each base is as follows:

  • Merino Sock: 800 yds
  • Phyllis Sock: 920 yds
  • Single Sock: 800 yds
  • DK: 460 yds

Fun fact! The yardages in these sets are nearly identical to those in our mini sets of the same base. If there's a project you love for mini sets, these 50g sets make a perfect substitute!


Here are a few patterns we adore for our fingering weight (4) 50g Sets:


1) Seamless Toddler Dress by Lavanya Patricellaphoto courtesy of the designer
2) Dandelion Disperse Shawl by fiber and foxphoto courtesy of the designer
3) Châle Saison (free) by Laine Poudrée, photo courtesy of the designer
4) Ginger & Wasabi (free) by Kirsten Hipsky, photo courtesy of the designer



And if DK weight is more your style, we have some excellent options as well:


1) Faded Rib Pup Sweater by Stephen Westphoto courtesy of the designer
2) Colors Flashing Scarf by Bluestockinette Designs, photo courtesy of the designer
3) Flipside Bandana Cowl by Haley Herman, photo courtesy of Ravelry user KMDCrochet
4) Brioche Beanie (free) by Nerissa Muijsphoto courtesy of the designer



Whether you use them alone or combine them with another set or full skein for a larger project, these sets are incredibly versatile! Don't forget to explore our Ravelry Bundles page, where we have curated some great options specifically for these sets.

We can't wait for this year's Fall Palette and we know you'll love it just as much as we do! With amazing (4) 50g sets to look forward to, we hope these patterns get you excited to work with them!


July 07, 2023 — Sarah P
Tags: patterns

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