Back in 2021 the Hue Loco team decided that we wanted to try something new and offer a monthly mini set inspired by each month's respective birthstone. The Birthstone collection was such a hit that we decided to keep it up! After 2022’s fresh Flora collection, for our third year creating these sets we have shifted our inspiration from the earth to the cosmos.

We have had such a great time creating our Star Sign mini sets as the year has gotten started but besides going galactic, we have made a few additional changes to our monthly releases. To give you another way to play with our constellation inspired offerings, we have taken the best qualities of each Star Sign set and distilled them into a tonal full skein colorway! These Star Sign colorways will launch alongside their sibling mini sets the first Friday of each month.



Another new addition that we are super excited about is that of our Element 50s Sets! The first one, the Fire Element Set launched at the end of February and we were all so in love! Our next elemental set, Water, is lunching alongside its aquatic companion, Cancer, on May 5th! Throughout the year we will launch the remaining two sets, Air, and Earth; each including three 50 gram skeins inspired by and designed to coordinate with the Star Sign Sets embodying that element.



If you are a Fire Sign and missed out, keep an eye out for a small re-release of the Fire Element set later on in the year as we introduce more sets that belong to this fiery family. 

Don’t forget that we also have our fantastic Star Sign Keychains from Wildflower & Company available for all signs of the zodiac in-stock now!


Image courtesy of Wildflower and Company 

We know it can be hard for those born later in the year to wait for their signs to be featured, but don’t worry! We have created a playlist full of celestial goodness to tide you over until your sign is featured. You can scan the QR code below on your mobile device or click here to take flight to the stars!




Prepare for launch,

April 06, 2023 — Sarah P
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