Hello friends, Nicole here! I'm thrilled to be introducing all of you to a beloved member of #teamhueloco, Sarah! I am overjoyed to have Sarah back on the team and was literally counting down the days until her return last Fall. She's jumped in to help me with an array of things, one of them being the blog! Take it away, Sarah. 


Hi y’all, I’m Sarah! I worked at Hue Loco back in 2020 and, after a stint living in Chicago, I am back for more! I wanted to briefly introduce myself and tell you a little more about who is writing all of these blog posts! I was raised by a group of strong, super creative women and consequently have always been a maker. After getting a degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Fibers, textiles are now fully a part of my DNA and I have spent the last decade working with them in some capacity. Besides my work here at Hue Loco, I love cooking, sewing, hiking, working on my nail art skills, and watching reality TV. 


I’m so happy to be here and can’t wait to continue our yarn journey together!

April 13, 2023 — Sarah P
Tags: #teamhueloco

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