The hype has been high for weeks and the time is finally here, the Wildflower Collection is now open for preorder! 

This palette brings to mind those long summer days and those brief moments where everything is in full bloom, the sun is high in the sky, and the world feels ripe for the picking. These ten colorways are packed with life, blending a kaleidoscope of floral-inspired color with luminous brights that take this botanical color story to new heights!



Wildflower delivers a little bit of everything, from bold variegation to smooth tonality, earthy bases to neon speckles, soft pastels to deep saturated tones, all encapsulated in a palette of wearable spring and summer hues.


 Wildflower Swatches




Pattern Recommendations  


This collection is brimming with potential from airy Summer makes to cozy sweaters to break up the Winter gloom. Here are just a few patterns that we absolutely love for Wildflower!


1) Le Pouf by Beata Jezek (free)photo courtesy of the designer
2) Amren by Joji Locatelli, photo courtesy of the designer
3) Bloom by Jacqueline Cieslak, photo courtesy of the designer
4) Spring Mittens (free) by Amanda Sundphoto courtesy of the designer
5) Fashion Top by Pope Vergaraphoto courtesy of the designer



1) Gracie V Neck by Holly Woodward Designsphoto courtesy of the designer
2) Wild Sunset Shawl by Cecilia Losada, photo courtesy of the designer
3) Beginner Crochet Granny Triangle Bandana (free) by Heather Brooke, photo courtesy of the designer
4) Captiva Crop by Laura Murphyphoto courtesy of Ravelry user HaleyHandcrafted
5) Mosu Bag by Sweet Softiesphoto courtesy of the designer



May We Suggest...


As we put these collections together we are constantly project planning in our heads, I mean, we are only human right?! Here are just a few of the beautiful pattern and palette combos that the talented team has dreamed up!

1) Fashion Top; Aster on DK, Forget-Me-Not on Suri for body, & Snowshoe, Currant, and Mulberry on DK for trim (amounts needed will vary)
2) Le Pouf; Strike It Rich, Goldenrod, Aloha, Pollen, Pistachio (Optional semisolids: Grapefruit and Celadon) on Phyllis Sock
3) Spring MittensOchre for flower centers, Blossom for petals, and Charcoal for main; all on Merino Sock



4) Gracie V Neck; Two Color Version: Sage and Petal Pusher on DK, Four Color Version: Ochre, Sage, Petal Pusher, and Elm on DK
5) Beginner Crochet Granny Triangle Bandana; Agave, Snowberry, and Linen on Merino Sock or DK depending on gauge needed
6) Captiva Crop; Meadow Bloom and Grapefruit; Spruce and Wood Lily on Phyllis Sock 



All Bodies



Not only are we all about the color here at Hue Loco, we are also all about empowering our community of makers in as many ways as we can. Whether it’s our Newbie Knitter and Crocheter Cheat Sheets, our All About That Base series, or our suggested color pairings, we are intentional in providing resources that allow you to be confident in your craft, your supplies, and your choices! 


We are so excited to take the next step in building up our community by introducing our inclusivity discount! After taking the time to listen to our community and create a plan that feels true to Hue Loco and everyone that makes what we do possible, we would like to introduce you to our All Bodies discount!


This discount will provide 10% off of all purchases of 8+ skeins, regardless of base or colorway, with code ALLBODIES. This method allows folks to be able to mix and match what’s in their cart based on their project needs because, like no two bodies are the same, no two projects are the same!


We want all makers to have access to what they need to work their magic. Our inclusivity discount includes both plus sized people as well as those who need the discount in order to be able to participate. Every purchase you make from this small business supports a family, we ask that you do not utilize this code unless you truly need it. We’re relying on the honor system here. 


The code is accessible at any time and includes all of our individual, in-stock speckled and semisolids full skeins (100g-250g depending on base) as well as full skein collection colorways. It is not valid on our curated sets, specialty items, or one pot offerings. 

Our All Bodies discount cannot be combined with other discounts, sales or coupon codes. We reserve the right to decline the use of this discount. 


We have partnered with our friend Emily of Hooked Hazel to host a giveaway for this energetic collection! Just click here to be entered to win a full set of Wildflower on our DK base! Head over to Emily’s Instagram or Website to explore her stunning patterns!


This collection is sweet, earthy, and with a little bit of edge and we have created a playlist with those very same vibes! Click here or scan the QR code below to listen! Best enjoyed while lounging on a blanket on a hillside, headphones in, and eyes closed. Don’t forget your sunscreen!



Go and pick those flowers, what are you waiting for?!




June 14, 2024 — Sarah P
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