We have a pretty solid presence on Ravelry, let me take you on a tour! Let's start with our bundles feature. We've curated bundles on our ravelry profile as a tool to help you with project ideas. Let's say I have a dk mini set from Hue Loco that I'd like to knit a project with but I'm not sure what to make. Jump onto our bundles page, click on the bundle labeled (1) DK Mini Set and scroll through the 48 pattern suggestions we have there! Simple as that! You'll notice a + on some of the bundles, that means you'll need the item plus some additional yardage for the patterns in that bundle.



If you'd like to search our bundles by type of project instead, click favorites & choose the most relevant tag on the left! You'll see all the bundles that project belongs to underneath the pattern photo. 

Here's our ravelry profile in case you'd like to friend us!

We've also recently freshened up our yarn library on Ravelry! This feature allows you to browse through and read about our bases as well as tag them in your projects! We've had so many requests that we've allocated a place for our beloved chickens on this page!



If you're not already a member, you can join the Hue Loco Ravelry Group here! We host our Create-A-Long's in this group. I hope you've enjoyed our Hue Loco on Ravelry tour :) Happy making!

December 29, 2022 — Nicole Clark
Tags: resources

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