I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing some behind the scenes development of our newest collection, Cozy In Colorado. We're affectionally calling it the Cozy Collection for short!

The collection opens for preorder Friday, January 6th at 8am MST.

The concept for this collection is everything cold + cozy! The transition into the new year can sometimes be a brisk one for Coloradians and may others across our country. It makes you want to cuddle up near a fire, sip your drink of choice and breathe in allll the cozy feels of the winter. I hope you’ll join us on the journey from inception to execution and all the things in between for this collection!

When curating a new collection we like to start with chatting about the concept and overall “feel” we want to communicate to our audience. Once we have that down, we move onto discussing what we’re envisioning for the color palette and how those colors will speak to the vibe we're going for. For our team, inspiration boards are extremely useful during this process. Above is a mini snapshot I've put together from our master board, isn’t it divine?

photos courtesy of pinterest 

Here's a color palette pulled from 1 of our 10 inspiration photos. Winter is in the air and so is this collection in about a week's time. Thanks for reading, friends!

December 28, 2022 — Nicole Clark
Tags: collections

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