It's that time, friends! Our Cozy In Colorado Collection is officially open for preorder. You can find it all on the top of! We've been sharing sneak peeks all week long on our instagram page but are making a conscious effort to get the content on our blog! Check out all the lovely photos of Cozy below!

Cozy Near Colorado Shawl from ARV Crochet, crocheted in our DK Mini Set


Right now, we're projecting a 6 week processing time on this collection. However, it's likely we'll have to move the window out a bit. You can find all the Cozy Preorder Collection updates here!

The team has had an amazing time putting together this whole collection for you, thank you for your enthusiasm and support. What a wonderful way to be heading into a new year. Hugs from all of us in Colorado! Keep enjoying all the cold + cozy things!




January 06, 2023 — Nicole Clark
Tags: collections

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