We love every opportunity we get to work with Toni over at TL Yarn Crafts! She's an absolute force in our community; if you don't already follower her be sure to check out all she's doing over on Instagram & Youtube. Toni has been kind enough to jump on with me and bring you some details on her new Arvada Shawl she just released which she crocheted up in 5 of our Cozy In Colorado Collection colorways (no longer available)!

Thanks for being here, Toni! 


Hi friends! I’m Toni, the creative force behind TL Yarn Crafts. After over a decade of crochet pattern design, in-person and online teaching, as well as authoring my first book, I’m grateful to still find peace within my quiet crafty moments. There’s nothing quite like casting on for a brand new project when you come across a yarn you just can’t resist.

Finding these peaceful moments with a new project is the inspiration that bred my latest design, the Arvada Shawl, created in collaboration with the geniuses at Hue Loco. The release of the Cozy in Colorado Collection sparked memories of curling up in the corner of my couch to stitch away as the snow fell outside. Clean lines, juxtaposing textures, and playful twisted tassels draw you in, urging you to use every inch of the beautifully dyed yarn.

The Arvada Shawl is a Tunisian crochet triangle wrap that starts from the center and builds to a purl-look border and is then finished with twisted tassels to use up the leftovers. Those new to Tunisian crochet have a chance to practice basic stitches and shaping, as well as color changes and important finishing techniques. After mastering the setup of this shawl, you get to relax into the naturally addictive rhythm of Tunisian crochet as your shawl continues to grow.

I hope the Arvada Shawl can be the beginning of a delightful relationship with Tunisian crochet.

Happy stitching!

With love,

January 30, 2023 — Nicole Clark


Helen Rivera

Helen Rivera said:

Dear Toni,
Thank you for sharing the information on this amazing yarn set and this wonderful pattern! I love your YouTube channel. Thank you for introducing me to this yarn company!

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