We recently announced our Fade Advent for 2023, I hope many of your were happy with our Oxide theme! We've already been working hard on development in the studio and let me tell you the palette is simply divine. Truly, it couldn't be more on point with our inspiration photos!

The Oxide Fade Advent is available in the following four base options: Phyllis Sock, Merino Sock, Single Sock & DK. Each of the 24 mini skeins will be individually boxed and labeled. The advent also includes a 100g skein in your chosen base. We always aim to have our Advents shipped out early November!



This is the first year we're including semisolids in the mix, there will be a total of four distributed evenly throughout the fade. We're strategically placing our tonal colorways on either side to create a flawless and smooth fade into and out of the solid. 




If you're thinking about grabbing this year's Fade Advent I would recommend doing so now! We hit a personal record this year, selling over 30% of our total offering in just one day. Y'all are always blowing us away with your generosity and we couldn't be more appreciative of your support! I am confident we will be selling out of Oxide and I'm overjoyed to think about this palette out in the wild with all of you makers very soon!

March 14, 2023 — Nicole Clark

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