Water Element

$ 51.00

We've pulled color components from each of our Pisces, Cancer, & Scorpio sets to create a Water Element 150g skein! The individual 50 skeins will coordinate with each respective set and also coordinate with each other! We hope you love this new Star Sign addition :)

Water signs are intuitive, emotional and sensual. These people tend to tap into the great resources of their inner life to process situations and experiences. They are intrinsically able to connect with others in a sensitive and vulnerable way. With great wells of insight into their own behaviors and motivations, they can more easily perceive the world from a heartfelt, spiritual or compassionate way. However, because they are so aware of their feelings, they can end up becoming overly emotional, lacking logic or practicality to proceed.

People with many water placements in their natal chart may find themselves drawn to be mystics, healers, psychologists or doctors. They utilize their empathy and understanding of the human spirit to better connect and work with others.

This listing is for (3) 50g skeins, they will arrive wound together! Ready-to-ship!

Phyllis Sock - 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon - 230yds/50g

Merino Sock - 80/20 SW Merino, Nylon - 200yds/50g

DK- 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon - 115yds/50g

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