Tribute Colorway for Laurell

$ 45.00

My best friend of 15 years passed away in her sleep Monday, July 19th at the age of 37. It was completely unexpected and we are all in absolute shock over her death. In lieu of this weeks shop update I'm opening up this listing for a special tribute colorway for my dear friend. You can order it as a single 100g skein or sock set - 100g + 2 (20g) minis. The colorway will be timeless, memorable & sweet just like my dear friend Laurell. I will be donating 100% of the sales to her husband and three young boys.

Please give me 6 weeks time to get these in the mail to you. Her loss came over a family trip we took to Wisconsin and with the pending funeral I will be away from work for an additional amount of time. 

Much love & thank you for all the additional help , xo Nicole