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We're so excited about our new Star Sign Collection launch for 2023, we hope you love it! There will be a new Star Sign Set every month for the whole year. As always, we'll be offering these sets across multiple bases. The Star Sign Collection will be featuring our in-stock semisolids so you'll have a couple options for more yardage and color coordination! 2-3 weeks to ship

Taurus: What sign is more likely to take treat-yourself-day everyday? Why Taurus, of course! Taurus is the earth sign represented by the bull. And much like their celestial spirit animal, a Taurus enjoys relaxing in the most peaceful of environments surrounded by those they love. Tauruses  are also the most sensual of the zodiac signs. These cosmic ox are enchanted by any tangible manifestation of comfort and luxury. But don’t get it twisted, a Taurus isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and put in the hard work. They're ambitious, focused, and know their self worth, a taurus won’t settle for anything but the very best.

Taurus features our Snowshoe, Linen, Celadon, and Spearmint, and Pear semisolids.

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Mini Sets

(10) 20 gram minis per set, total of 200 grams

Merino Sock - 80/20 SW Merino, Nylon / 80 yds per mini

Phyllis Sock - 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon / 90 yds per mini

DK - 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon / 49 yds per mini

50s Sets

(10) 50 gram 50s per set, total of 500 grams

Phyllis Sock - 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon - 230yds/50g 

Merino Sock - 80/20 SW Merino, Nylon - 200yds/50g

DK - 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon - 120yds/50g

Full Sets

(10) 100 gram skeins per set, total of 1000 grams

Phyllis Sock - 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon - 460yds/100g 

Merino Sock - 80/20 SW Merino, Nylon - 400yds/100g

Merino DK - 100 SW Merino, Nylon - 230yds/100g

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