Shut The Front Door & I Can't Even - Preorder Round 1

$ 85.00

In collaboration with Curious Handmade for the Indie Untangled Kick-off show...

Introducing Shut The Front Door and I Can't Even!! Both sets are inspired by the Grocery Girls and their most cherished phrases which we've all come to love! Each set contains two full skeins and five minis for a total of 1389 yds.

**Round 1 preorders will ship by or before October 26th**Any additional items added to the order will also ship at that time. 

Please support this fantastic pattern designer by following the link below to purchase the pattern for the set!

Pattern: Surprise Party by Helen Stewart

Phyllis Sock

75/25 Superwash Merino, Nylon

(2) 463 yds/100 gram skein

(5) 92 yds/20 gram mini

1389 yds/300 grams total


Shut The Front Door Colorways:

Shut The Front Door, Mint, Goldenrod, Pumpkin, Cream, Peacock

I Can't Even Colorways:

I Can't Even, Olive, Pine, Linen, Valentine and Ash