Partridge Silkie Bantam Hen

$ 46.00

The Backyard Chicken Collection is back for another year! There will be four hens available for the Spring 2019 line. 

Meet the Partridge: The Partridge Silkie Bantam is a calm natured and eggs-eptionally sweet hen. She's quite motherly and has been known to sit on other chickens eggs as well as duck and turkey eggs. A few characteristics that make her unique are her 5 toes, fluffy legs and feet and blue/black skin. In my opinion, a great backyard gal!

Each chicken set includes:

1 (100) gram hank in Phyllis Sock 

2 (20) gram minis in Phyllis Sock

75% SW Merino 25% Nylon

463 yards/100 gram skein