Murmuration Set Preorder

$ 68.00

This set is inspired by the stunning phenomenon known as murmuration, where flocks of Starlings fly in unison through the dusky skies. The colorway beautifully captures the graceful and synchronized movements of these birds.

All 4 skeins have a cream base & charcoal speckles throughout featuring soft peach, mauve, lilac, and steel blue pours for all the cloudy vibes you could ever dream of!

This listing is for (4) 50g skeins which will arrive wound together in one large skein.
Preorder to ship in 3 weeks!

Phyllis Sock - 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon - 230yds/50g

Merino Sock - 80/20 SW Merino, Nylon - 200yds/50g

DK- 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon - 115yds/50g

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