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We've pulled color components from each of our Gemini, Libra, & Aquarius sets to create an Air Element 150g skein! The individual 50 skeins will coordinate with each respective set and also coordinate with each other! We hope you love this new Star Sign addition :)


Air signs are intellectual, communicative, and spontaneous. These people are highly logical, curious, and adaptable. They can easily process complex ideas, projects, and relationships — and prefer variety over consistency. With a lust for life, they pursue expansion, rather than wanting to be rooted to one plan forever. As visionaries and free spirits, they are eager to explore and are often quite social. However, because they are so cerebral, they can actually be quite detached from their emotions or the practical world.

People with a large amount of air in their birth charts make great teachers, communicators, architects, or planners. They can easily think outside of the box and utilize their knowledge and people skills to make things happen.


This listing is for (3) 50g skeins, they will arrive wound together! Preorder to ship in 3 weeks!


Phyllis Sock - 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon - 230yds/50g

Merino Sock - 80/20 SW Merino, Nylon - 200yds/50g

DK- 75/25 SW Merino, Nylon - 115yds/50g


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