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Cream Legbar Rooster - Preorder

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The Backyard Chicken Collection is back for another year! There will be four total hens & four total roosters available for the Spring 2018 line!

Meet the Cream Legbar: The Cream Legbar is a cross between a Barred Plymouth Rock and Brown Leghorn and is one of the most sought after breeds in this country due to its rarity. The breed is auto-sexing, which means you can hatch the chicks at home and "sex" them yourself. The male legbar has a light spot on its head while a female does not. It takes years of training to vent sex day old chicks otherwise!

Each chicken set includes:

1 (100) gram hank in Merino Sock 

2 (20) gram minis in Merino Sock

80% SW Merino 20% Nylon

400 yards/100 gram skein

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